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Genre Still life Box

Der Patient. A Patient

N255.42 FH302 Box 2C


Thick paper with no notable laid lines. Close inspection that almost pocked or frosted look of wove paper. Seems to be a higher quality rag paper or linen base.

Horrible Image of rich guy dead with a doctor taking his pulse –disinterested woman looks on beyond them. The man is in repose in a wing back chair. He is in a dressing gown.

There is no plate mark on this print. Using the loop I find clear markings that look to me like the markings from pastel colors.

I am throwing out Intaglio process.

The print seems to have three colors.

Blue: In the Doctor’s Coat, the sleeves of the stiff, the collar and the design on his house coat.

There is green in the woman’s head scarf and his John Lennon spectacles have that green tint in the lenses. This is a comical grizzly scene.

There is a red in the woman's dress as well. This gives me three colors.

It must be a chromolithograph. It has the three colors, the grease crayon marks.

I am curious hat we can take away from this print. I think it is for an audience who will not settle for black and white. The grim scene is one of irony or ridiculousness and may be making commentary about the medical profession of the time. The style of print points past the 1820’s as this became more common as the printing from the stone was an easier more frequent process.

Afternoon Train to Springfield

FH302 Bx 2c NNoe78

This is clearly wood pulp paper. It is browning and flaking, It is on a cardboard backing. There is a plate mark and this print of a train was taken from a daguerreotype. T

This was printed in Van Benthuysen Printing House, 1874.

This is an engraving. It has the tell tale strong lines and sharp definition.

FH 302 Drawer S


Lithograph of a Birdseye view. No plate mark and there is a blue tint. On Otsego Lake and in the sky.

Shows Cooperstown from the Vantage Point of Mount Vision. Interesting to see how much land is free from trees. The Village looks larger than today.

Notes: 1862 M. DEV. Martin in the Clerks office of the district Office of New York State.

The grease crayon marks and lack of plate mark demonstrate that it is a lithograph and the blue wash is the sign that it is a tinted Lithograph.

This demonstrates that Cooperstown has been a vacation spot for many many years. The suggestion of leisure in a Serene setting is clear. Everything is kind of jam packed

N. 319. S9

Amazing print of Cooper House, Otsego Lake

S.E. Crittenden proportion is listed at bottom

Thick Laid Paper folio size.

Hotel Gazette and Travelers Monitor Broadway NY: Print House?

Intaglio Print with clear distinct lines and black ink.

Print has clear and distinct lines, Very strange layout of the village. I think we are looking at Pioneer Street and Cooper Park. There is a steam ship on the lake and a gas lamp in one of the avenues that looks like a giant park that surrounds the structure. The clothes of the people look Victorian, and the buildings are Italianate.

Scenes of baseball, camping, strolling are all in close proximity to the parks surrounding this large print. It must be a travel Poster or advertisement for the region.

J.H. Sharp Etchings FH 302 Beautiful renderings of Native Americans etched and printed on ground paper. Sharp signs all the Etchings and lists names of the sitters:

Running Horse-Taos

Standing Deer-Taos

There are plate marks and light and shadow are created with the etching needle. These prints are lively in a way that no others are. The form seems to capture the subjects particularly well.

The paper seems to be woven and of good quality.

Sixth Commandment

Found in “Spiritual” box

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